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Dec 02, 2020  
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don’t be afraid to raise your voice so that they don’t get away with (not paying you)." CWJ says the company also promised to present action items in another meeting Saturday that they will take to avoid situations like this in the future. "This is part of a much broader problem," said Robin Clark-Bennett, a board member for CWJ. "It's rampant in this industry across the state and country. So it's important that this initiates actions by companies and lawmakers to strengthen workers' rights." BluSky is named in a 2019 Minnesota federal lawsuit alleging wage theft and other violations of state and federal labor laws. The case remains pending, and BlueSky is appealing a pretrial ruling to argue that it is not subject to Minnesota jurisdiction. Ramirez did not respond to the Register's request for comment. Before accepting the Iowa job, Contreros, 35, had to convince his wife that it was a good opportunity with good pay. "I told Pablo that my wife was worried and he said everything would be fine," he said. "He said it would be about two months of work, seven days a week, lots of hours — just perfect for before Christmas." With continued reassurance from Ramirez, the men go to this website loaded up two vehicles and carpooled over 1,000 miles to Iowa City — stopping in Kansas City for two days to perform additional work at a couple of other BluSky job sites. When the nine workers arrived in Iowa on Oct. 16, Contreros said they were put up in a two-bedroom apartment that had been damaged by the derecho.

https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/news/2020/11/20/iowa-derecho-construction-workers-allege-they-owed-more-than-30-000-unpaid-wages/6286631002/ [Cars]